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About VOXX Accessories

VOXX Accessories Corporation, (VAC) a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International. VOXX Accessories is committed to promoting a powerful, diverse and growing brand portfolio, with distinctive products making them a global leader and innovator in consumer electronics and accessories for home and on-the-go, delivering solutions for over-the-air indoor/outdoor HDTV reception with America's #1 bestselling antennas from RCA and TERK, mobile device charging stations, clock radios, remote controls, HDMI cables and other A/V connectivity accessories, including, surge protection and more by RCA. Singsation is our all-in-one party systems that will keep the party going at any age and our high-end Indoor/Outdoor home and portable audio wireless Bluetooth all-weather speakers by AR Speakers and headphones by 808 Audio, Indoor/Outdoor home, and portable audio by AR Speakers. As well as leading edge earbuds, power charges and mobile phone or tablet mounts by Jensen and our exclusive partnership with Project Nursery delivering quality baby monitors, soothers, and sound machines.

The Company's products are sold through an extensive distribution network that includes power retailers, mass merchandisers, distributors, Internet and select retail channels throughout the USA, Canada, Australia, and Latin America. VAC's headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. From there the company provides advanced marketing services and efficient supply chain tools that shape future sales in the consumer and mobile professional markets.

For additional information, visit our web sites at: RCA Antennas, Singsation, Jensen AV Accessories, RCA Audio Video, Terk, AR Speakers, 808 Audio

or our partner sites at: Project Nursery